Production of little games.

    Age of Steel (2015)/Age of Steel: Recharge (2016)

    "Age of Steel: Recharge" is a 2D strategy with a view from the side. You're taking the role of commander, who was entrusted the management of the military base. Your mission is to defend a base from the waves of enemies at any price.


    Delivery 2 PlanetĀ (2017)

    The cute pug wants to go to another planet!
    Delivery 2 planet is an action puzzler. Move an action or shield so that your rocket turns at the right time to collect all the stars while avoiding objects.


    Smelter.io (2017)

    An experimental multiplayer project. Become a smelter in this fun arena game calledĀ Smelter.io. Melt the enemies and bots to transform them into points for your score.